Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster Nothing is more glamorous than the look of Venetian Plaster. Venetian Plaster has the glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone developed to perfectly accent your Phoenix home or business décor.

Top Star Painting specializes in the intricate application of Venetian Plaster that gives remarkable depth and a luxurious glassy mirror-like finish. With the many different products based in old world faux finish techniques combined with the latest products, we can create a Venetian Plaster look that is beautiful and unique.

The incredible visual appeal of Venetian Plaster can take on many different looks. Our skilled Venetian Plaster experts use many different natural materials including ground limestone and marble dust. Through a combination of these products, we can create a Venetian Plaster application that can take on many different colors. We can also create Venetian Plaster walls that have different texture appearances from suede to highly polished marble. A highly polished Venetian Plaster application will feel cool to the touch as well as feel like real stone. When using Venetian Plaster, we can also embed tile accents.

Venetian plaster has many applications and Top Star Painting has the vision to transform drab flat walls, ceilings, and cabinets, to name a few, into works of art. Venetian Plaster is perfect for casual, contemporary, and traditional rooms. One of our faux finish experts will be more than glad to work directly with you to create the exact look and feel that you desire.

Venetian Plaster Applications by Top Star Painting

Top Star Painting has the skill to transform any area into a beautiful work or art. Venetian Plaster can be applied to just about any surface to create dramatic expressions. Some of the common places that Venetian Plaster can be applied include:
  • Offices (Lobbies, Conference Rooms, Offices)
  • Residences (Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom, Hallways)
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Businesses
One of the most interesting benefits of Venetian Plaster is that it can be applied to create many different looks. The more layers of plaster that is applied can give your walls visual depth that are augmented with our Venetian Plaster polishing procedures. The final result of Top Star Painting Venetian Plaster application will totally amaze your eyes. Venetian Plaster is also long lasting, allergy-free, mildew resistant, fade resistant, and more durable than any other wall surface.

To see samples of the Venetian Plaster work that Top Star Painting can do you for you, please visit one of our galleries.
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